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LLC403: Qmail Administration

LLC403 is a rapid track course on Qmail server administration covering integration with MySQL database and security based applications. The course addresses the advanced configuration of Qmail and courier imap

Participants must have at least entry to mid-level administration knowledge, with good exposure to mail server concepts. Working knowledge on Linux / Unix OS is essential.

Target Audience
Given the fact that the topics under discussion are very extensive in nature, the scope of the course is limited to the depth of skills that can be delivered in two days so as to cover the course effectively to the understanding of the average audience.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.15,000/- (Plus GST)

Course Outline

Mail Service Terminology
– Mail Trans port Agent
– Mail User Agent
– Mail Access Agent
– Mail Delivery Agent
– Mail Delivery Process

Role of Qmail Mail Server
– Qmail Architecture
– Features of Qmail
– Mail Store Format
– Message Queues & Queue tools
– Qmail Configuration Files
– ucspi-tcp and daemontools

Qmail Mail Server Configuration
– Qmail MTA Configuration
– Configuration of Aliases
– Canonical Maps in Qmail
– Qmail-users
– Procmail Configuration
– Transport Layer Security (TLS)
– Autoresponder

Qmail in Multiple Domain
– Multiple MTA Setup
– Virtual Domains
– Limiting Mail ID Numbers
– Fetchmail Configuration
– Relaying through MTA

MySQL with Qmail Server
– SASL Overview
– SASL Libraries MySQL
– Need of SMTP AUTH
– MySQL for Storing Aliases

IMAP Server Configuration
– Courier IMAP Configuration
– IMAP with MySQL
– Transport Layer Security (TLS)
– Squirrel Mail

Securing EMails from Attacks
– Setting up User Quota
– User Based Restrictions
– Host Based Restrictions
– Clamav Antivirus
– Qmail Scanner
– Usage of Spamasassin

Qmail Server Monitoring
– Qmail Log Files
– ISOQ Logs
– Qmail-MRTG

Qmail Server Utilities
– V qadmin
– Vpopmail
– Qmailadmin
– Maildrop
– Ezmlm Mailer

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