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LLC407: Fedora Directory Services and Authentication

LLC407 Fedora Directory Services and Authentication is an intensive course that provides four days of instruction and labs on cross-platform integration of directory services to provide authentication or information service across the enterprise using the Fedora Directory Server.

LLC407 requires RHCE-level skills or RHCE certification  for a clear understanding of this training.

Target Audience
Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for user account information and secured enterprise authentication mechanisms of one or more Linux systems. System administrators who have configured directory services and authentication on the other operating systems but now want to perform those tasks on a Linux system. Experienced system administrators wanting to integrate directory service and authentication mechanisms across multiple operating systems.

Duration: 4 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.30,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Introduction to Directory Services
-What is a directory?
-LDAP: models, schema, and attributes
-Object classes

The LDAP Naming Model
-Directory information trees & Distingued Names
-X.500 and “Internet” naming suffixes
-Planning the directory hierarchy

Fedora Directory Server: Basic Configuration
-Installation & setup of Fedora Directory Server
-Using the Fedora Console
-Using logging to monitor Fedora Directory Server activity
-Backing up and restoring the directory
-Basic performance tuning with indexes

Fedora Directory Server: Authentication& Security
-Configuring TLS security
-Using access control instructions (ACIs)
-ACIs and the Fedora Console

Searching and Modifying the LDAP Directory
-Using command line utilities to search the directory
-Search filter syntax
-Updating the directory
-Using graphical LDAP client utilities

Linux User Authentication with NSS and PAM
-Understanding authentication & authorization
-Name service switch (NSS)
-Advanced pluggable authentication modules (PAM) configuration

Centralized User Authentication with LDAP
-Central account management with LDAP
-Using migration scripts to migrate existing data into an LDAP server
-LDAP user authentication

Kerberos and LDAP
-Introduction to Kerberos
-Configuring the Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) and clients
-Configuring LDAP to support Kerberos
-Access control with Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

Directory Referrals and Replication
-Referrals and replication
-Single master configuration
-Multiple master configuration
-Planning for directory server availability

Cross-Platform Centralized Identity Management
– Synchronizing Fedora Directory Server with Active Directory
– Managing users with Winbind and LDAP
– Mapping attributes between Linux and Windows

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