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LLC408: Samba Server Administration

Inter-operability between Linux and Microsoft family Operating system is achieved by Samba. The course LLC408 enables you to

  • Configure and maintain Samba server
  • To share various resources
  • Delegate Samba as an authentication server for Windows clients
  • Integrate Samba with LDAP / Understand Samba tools.

Though the course is open to anyone who knows basic networking concepts including IP addressing and Services. LLC103 or RH254 is recommended as pre-requisite. LDAP knowledge is desirable. RHCE-level skills or RHCE certification  for a clear understanding of this training.

Target Audience
The network administrators who look towards integrating Linux and Windows Operating systems. This course is useful for the network administrators who wish to setup authentication environment for the Windows clients using the Linux LDAP server. After completing this course participant is able to manage resources in a heterogenous environment.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.15,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Samba Server
– Installation of Samba Server
– Configuration Files
– Adding Samba Users
– smbd and nmbd Daemons

Exploring Samba Configuration files
– smbpasswd, smbusers and smb.conf
– Global Sections and Share Section in smb.conf
– File and Print Services
– Testing of smb.conf and testparm

Configuring Samba Server For Resource Sharing
– Discussion of Default Shares
– Sharing of Directories
– Sharing of Selected Printers
– Home Directory Share Issues

Configuring Samba Clients
– Using smbclient and CIFS with mount
– Sending Print jobs From a Windows Machine
– Utilities for Samba Statistics
– Accessing A Windows Share From Linux Machine

Samba Server Security
– IP Based Security
– Share level Security
– Security for Users and Groups
– write list and create mask

Unix/Windows Filesystem issues
– Changing Default File and Directory Permissions
– Links and Hidden files
– Forcing the Attributes Like User
– Auditing File Access
– Recyclebin Emulation

Samba Configuration with Web Browser
– Samba Web Administration Tool
– xinetd and swat
– swat configuration
– swat Restrictions

MS ADS Authentication for Samba
– ADS preparation for Samba
– Winbind and Samba
– Kerberos preparation for Winbind
– Winbind Authentication
– Joining Samba to AD Domain

Samba Authentication Server Terminology
– netbios Name and Workgroup
– WINS and Browsers
– Local, Domain and Preferred Master Browsers
– OS levelSamba Primary Domain Controllers
– Authentication Server for Windows
– Storing Users Profiles
– Storing Logon Scripts
– Home Directory mapping

LDAP and Samba Servers
– Samba Authenticating from LDAP Server
– LDAP Schema for Samba Servers
– Adding Samba Users to LDAP Server

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