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LLC409: DNS Server Administration

LLC409 is a rapid track course on DNS server administration covering Master, Slave DNS Server, Sub Domain Delegation, Split DNS Server, RNDC, TSIG, DNS Security & Dynamic DNS. This course is essential to every network administrator who works in an enterprise environment.

Participants must have a good knowledge of Linux administration and networking related concepts. LLC103 or RH254 is recommended as pre-requisite. RHCE-level skills or RHCE certification  for a clear understanding of this training.

Target Audience
Given the fact that the topics under discussion are very extensive in nature, the scope of this course is limited to the depth of skills that can be delivered in two days so as to cover the course outline effectively to the understanding of the average audience.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.12,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

DNS Terminology
– DNS Server Roles
– Primary and Slave DNS Servers
– Caching Name Servers
– DNS Forwarders
– Root DNS Servers
– Subdomain Delegation
– DNS Query Types

Bind Configuration
– Master DNS Server
– Resource Records
– Forward Lookup Database
– Reverse Lookup Database
– Mail Server Support

Slave Server Configuration
– Replication Parameters
– Master/ Slave Replication
– IP Based Security
– TSIG Security

Subdomain Configuration
– Subdomain Delegation
– Recursive Queries
– Iterative Queries
– DNS Forwarders
– ACL with Subdomains

DNS Server Logging
– Channeling and Logging
– Log Categories
– Logging DNS Queries

Split DNS Configuration
– Split DNS Topology
– DNS Views
– Views and ACLs
– Match-Clients

DNS Server Security
– Restricting Queries
– Restricting Replication
– Access Control Lists
– DNS Chrooting

Remote Name Daemon Controller
– RNDC Configuration
– RNDC Key Generation
– Configuring Controls
– RNDC Clients

Dynamic DNS Configuration
– DNS Server for Dynamic Update
– DHCP Server for Dynamic Update
– Shared Key Generation
– DDNS Client Configuration

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