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LLC410: Nagios: System & Network Monitoring System

LLC410 is a rapid track course on Nagios Network Monitoring Tool. The course covers advanced topics like email notifications, remote plugin executors, NSClient++, Nagios plugin development and event handlers. This course is essential to every network administrator who works in an enterprise environment. Given the fact that topics under discussion are very extensive in nature, the scope of this course is limited to what can be delivered in two days, to cover the course outline effectively to the understanding of the average audience.

Participants must have a good knowledge of Linux administration and networking related concepts. LLC103 or RH254 is recommended as pre-requisite. RHCE-level skills or RHCE certification  for a clear understanding of this training.

Target Audience
The audience for this course include system and network administrators, software consultants, and other IT professionals responsible for the server security planning, implementation, and maintenance of network servers.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.15,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Monitoring Services
– Terminology
– Network Security
– Network Monitoring Tools
– System Requirements

Nagios Terminology
– Host Checks & Service Checks
– Hostgroups
– Contacts
– Contactgroup
– Notifications
– State types – SOFT, HARD
– Time periods
– Event Handlers
– Addons & Plugins

Nagios Installation and Configuration
– Nagios Dependencies
– Installing of Nagios
– Nagios Configuration
– Object Configuration
– CGI Configuration
– Authentication Using htpasswd

Network Monitoring Using Nagios
– Monitoring Network Devices
– Publicly Enabled Service (HTTP, FTP etc.)
– Hostgroup Configuration
– Servicegroup Configuration
– Check Scheduling
– Event Handlers
– Runtime Modification of Nagios Parameters

Notifications & Logging
– Sending Notification via E-mail
– Scheduling the Notification
– Host and Service Dependencies
– Network Diagram by Nagios
– Flapping Service Detection
– Volatile Services

Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
– Installation and Configuration of NRPE
– Monitoring Local Resource from Remote Nagios Server
– check_nrpe plugin
– Xinetd Modification for NRPE

Nagios Plugins
– Basic Plugins using Shellscrips
– Defining Nagios Commands
– Plugin Return Codes
– Text Output from the Plugin

NSClient ++
– Installation of NSClient++
– check_nt plugin
– check_nt definition
– Monitoring Local Process of Windows

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