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LLC414: Web Proxy Solutions

LLC414 is a rapid track course on Web Proxy Administration and Securing the Web Proxy. The course covers advanced topics winbind authentication, content filtering, parent proxies, antivirus setup and bandwidth management. This course is essential to every web proxy administrators who works in an enterprise environment.

Participants must have a good knowledge of Linux administration and networking related concepts. LLC103 or RH254 is recommended as pre-requisite. RHCE-level skills or RHCE certification  for a clear understanding of this training.

Target Audience
The Network Administrators who need to provide web proxy and web caching system solution or who desire training in the management and security of Squid server. This course is useful for the network administrators, who want to do web content filtering and bandwidth regulation.

Duration: 4 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.15,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Web Proxy Service
– NAT vs Web Proxy
– Content Filtering
– Web Caching
– Web Proxy Softwares in Linux
– Installation of Squid
– Configuring Squid
– Squid Server Logging

Squid Authentication & ACLs
– Proxy Authentication
– Authentication Modules
– ncsa_auth
– pam_auth
– ldap-auth
– Access Control List Definition
– Time Based Restrictions
– ACL Parsing Issues

Bandwidth Management Using Squid
– Delay Pool Configuration
– Delay Classes
– Regulation for Aggregate Traffic
– Regulation for Individual IP
– Restricting Max File Size
– Setting Parents Proxy Server

Data Stream Filtering
– DansGuardian Setup
– Content Filtering
– MIME Filtering
– URL Filtering
– Squidguard Setup
– Squidguard Rule Definitions
– Antivirus for Squid
– Clamav Configuration
– HAVP as Parent Proxy

MS ADS Authentication for Squid
– ADS Preparation for Squid
– Winbind and Samba
– Joinig Samba to AD Domain
– NTLM Authentication
– Kerberos Preperation for Squid
– Winbind Authentication for Squid

Cache Management
– Adding Cache Directory
– Squidclient Utility
– Displaying Cache Objects
– PURGE Method
– Deleting Cache Objects

Performance Tuning & Monitoring
– Cache Statistics Analysis
– Squidview
– Display Utilization
– Squid result codes
– Customizing the Error Messages
– Parent Proxy Failure Issues
– Squid Analysis & Report Generator

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