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LLC207: Python Scripting on Linux

Linux has gained considerable momentum as the operating system of choice for writing Python scripts for various purposes like automation tasks, text parsing and application development. This course offers sufficient knowledge to understand and write Python programs. A brief explanation of Python modules will be given with suitable examples to explain the scalability of the language and the scope of implementation of Python.

Knowledge of command line usage of Linux OS is essentials. Knowledge of essential user, system and file operation commands is helpful. Knowledge of shell scripting helps in better understanding of this training programme.

Target Audience
This course is intended for software developers, administrators, and other users who want to acquire basic python programming skills.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.5,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Introduction to Python
– A Brief history
– The Uses and scope of python
– Getting and installing Python

The Python Interpreter
– Using the interpreter
– The other IDE’s available

The Language
– Basic I/O operations
– Assignment operators
– Basic data types
– Code blocks and indentations
– Conditional statements
– Iterations
– Some built-in functions
– Using exceptions
– Functions
– File OperationsObject Oriented Principles
– Creating classes
– Creating instances
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism
– Metaclasses

– Extending the language with the help of modules
– Creating modules
– Accessing attributes and importing specific module names from packages
– Use of the os module
– Use of the re module for pattern matching using regular expressions
– Use of the thread module for creating threads
– Using the socket module for opening sockets
– Using some client side network protocol modules like HTTP and FTP

Debugging and Optimizing
– Debugging
– The warnings module
– The profile module
– Optimizing loops and I/O

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