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RH401: Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management

Learn how to install Red Hat Satellite server and use it to deploy and manage systems.

Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management explores the concepts and methods necessary for successful large-scale deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Students will learn how to install and use Red Hat Satellite server with enhanced entitlements reporting to deploy and manage systems. By the end of this course, students will have built their own RPM packages and will have used Subversion to manage changes to files.

This course can also help you prepare for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management Exam (EX401).

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification or equivalent experience required.

Target Audience
Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators responsible for the planning, deployment, and management of multiple physical or virtualized servers

Duration: 4 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.52,000/- (Plus GST)

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Course Outline

Essential system management
Set high-level goals for effective system management.

Install Red Hat Satellite
Install a Red Hat Satellite server, and populate it with software channel content.

Red Hat Satellite organization
Create and manage Red Hat Satellite organizations, users, and system groups.

Use Subversion to manage changes
Initialize and configure a Subversion repository, start a new Subversion project, and manage revisions using Subversion.

Red Hat Satellite client configuration
Register client machines with Red Hat Satellite both interactively and in automated ways.

Red Hat Satellite software management
Configure Red Hat Satellite with custom and cloned software channels to manage software updates on client systems.

Build RPM packages
Create RPM packages for use with Red Hat Satellite to enable the deployment of programs and files on client systems.

Configuration file management with Satellite
Use Red Hat Satellite to deploy individual configuration files to client systems.

Provision with Red Hat Satellite
Use Red Hat Satellite to provision Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems from bare-metal.

Red Hat Satellite administration
Perform Red Hat Satellite maintenance functions including embedded database management, activate Satellite with a new entitlement certificate, and export custom software channel content.

Red Hat Satellite API and reports
Use the Red Hat Satellite API to produce simple reports and perform basic administrative tasks.

Red Hat Satellite virtual machine management
Manage Red Hat Satellite entitlements and create kickstart profiles that will provision virtualization hosts and virtualized guests.

Comprehensive review
Review course material and deploy a Red Hat Satellite server

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