Core Linux Courses

Linux is the the most popular open-source operating system. Open Source means anyone can see the source code and change it according to his needs. You can freely install Linux on many computers without getting paid license. Linux is extensively used as a platform for hosting database, email and security services. It is a significant component for building web applications. Apart from being used as a server, Linux figures prominently as a development platform for C, C++, Java, embedded and web applications.

Core Linux Courses are a group of Linux training offerings from LLC which addresses the core aspects of the operating systems that are essential for administrators as well as programmers. We help you install and set up Linux as your primary operating system, on a virtual machine or on a web server. Few of our courses that help you perform common admin tasks from the command line and get popular services running are as noted below;

Linux Administration

  • LLC030: Linux Shell Essentials
  • LLC033: Linux for Programmers & Administrators
  • LLC103: Linux System, Network & Security Administration
  • LLC207: Python Programming BootCamp

Linux Developer Courses

  • LLC104: Linux Internals & Programming Essentials
  • LLC106: Device Driver Programming on Linux
  • LLC107: Network Programming on Linux
  • LLC501: OpenGL Programming on Linux

Linux Databases

  • LLC212: MariaDB
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