LLC108: Bash Shell Scripting

In the course LLC108: Bash Shell Scripting, the participants gain a basic to mid level understanding of the techniques of writing a Bash shell script. They learn to create scripts to automate administrative tasks by understanding the structure of standard examples in shell scripting.

Knowledge of command line usage of Linux OS found in our LLC030: Linux Shell Essentials course is needed. Knowledge of essential user, system and file operation commands is helpful.

Target Audience
This course is intended for software developers, administrators, and other users who want to acquire basic shell programming skills.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Please call or email for best offer

Course Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Linux
◦ Linux introduction
◦ Working with files and file system
◦ Managing files
◦ User Administration
◦ File permission
◦ Controlling Process
◦ Package Management

Module 2: Introduction to Shell Scripting
◦ What is shell?
◦ What is Shell scripting?
◦ Types of shells
◦ Writing a first shell script
◦ Quoting
◦ Execution of the shell script
◦ Exit status

Module 3: Variables in shell scripting
◦ Introduction to variables in Linux
◦ Define a proper variable in Linux
◦ Variable assignment
◦ Unsetting a variable
◦ Variable Types
◦ Internal bash environment variables
◦ Defining variable in shell script

Module 4: Linux shell operators and conditional statement
◦ Arithmetic operators
◦ Logic operators
◦ Conditional operators
◦ Regular expression for pattern matching
◦ If , if-else and if-elif-else statement
◦ Case statement

Module 5: Loops
◦ The “while” loop
◦ The “for” loop
◦ The “until” loop
◦ The “select” loop

Module 6: Advanced shell scripting concepts
◦ Processing getopts command
◦ Linux Functions
◦ Controlling process signal using trap command
◦ Starting the script at boot time
◦ Introduction to awk command
◦ Introduction to sed and cut command

Module 7: Sample scripts
◦ User management scripts
◦ Input/output related scripts
◦ Configuring a webserver using script
◦ Script for monitoring storage
◦ File management scripts

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