LLC203: Kubernetes Administration Certification Training

This course is recommended for someone who is aspiring to complete the Kubernetes Administration certification.
You will learn how to use the container management platform to manage the application infrastructure. You will learn how to install and configure a Kubernetes cluster, from network configuration to upgrades to making deployments available via services. The course delivers key principles, such as pods, deployments, replicasets, and services.

Candidates should have a good understanding of Linux, basic networking, and cloud computing concepts. Familiarity with Kubernetes and containerization technologies like Docker is highly recommended.

Target Audience
This course is recommended for professionals seeking expertise in Kubernetes deployment, management, and scaling. Strongly recommended for professional seeking Kubernetes Administration Certification

Duration: 4 days (Full-time); Weekend option available

Training Fee: ₹ 20,000 plus GST

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Kubernetes primer

Unit 2 – Getting Kubernetes

Unit 3 – Virtual clusters with Namespaces

Unit 4 – Kubernetes principles of operation

Unit 5 – Working with Pods

Unit 6 – Kubernetes Deployments

Unit 7 – Kubernetes storage

Unit 8 – Kubernetes Services

Unit 9 – Service discovery deep dive

Unit 10 – Ingress

Unit 11 – ConfigMaps and Secrets

Unit-12 – StatefulSets

Unit-13 – API security and RBAC

Unit-14 – The Kubernetes API

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