Red Hat Learning Subscription

RHLS: Red Hat Learning Subscription delivers access to Red Hat online training resources in a single, annual subscription. Watch videos, take courses, and complete hands-on labs online, at your own pace. Customize your learning experience to access online training classes, certification exams, or video courses by choosing your subscription tier.

Solve your training challenges

A growing technology market demands new skills and knowledge. Solve today’s business challenges and prepare for tomorrow with unlimited access to the definitive online training.

Increase productivity – Train on your schedule, without the need for travel or lengthy time away from daily work.

Train and certify at all levels – Access popular video classroom courses and all Red Hat Online Learning courses to promote learning at any skill level.

Learn continuously – Get immediate access to the latest course releases and updates. Track your learning progress on an easy-to-use interface.

Reduce risk – Train before implementing new technologies. Explore Red Hat products and solutions to try before you buy.

Validate and improve skills – Retain successful teams and stay competitive with effective, in-depth training and hands-on, comprehensive certification exams* that verify your skills.

Invest Smarter – Access unlimited training at a fraction of the cost of individual courses. Choose from subscription tiers to meet your training needs and business goals.

Classroom learning, at your desktop – Red Hat Learning Subscriptions provides convenient, on-demand access to the high-quality content of our traditional classrooms. Enhance your knowledge with cloud-based labs, and more.

A 365-day subscription providing unlimited user access to all Red Hat Online Learning course content and webinars. Up to 400-hours of online, hands-on lab access, deployed through Amazon EC2 cloud; More than 300 recorded instructor videos; Online course materials created and supported by Red Hat curriculum architects with deep experience as Linux administrators and instructors; Each subscription is entitled to a single user via the RHN ID.

Courses in the subscription include:

  • 53 Courses on RHEL Platform
  • 43 Courses on Middleware
  • 30 Courses on Cloud Computing
  • 8 Courses on Storage
  • 7 Courses on Virtualization

and the number keeps growing by the day

RHLS: Red Hat Learning Subscription also offers 5 exams and 5 re-takes. It is available as –

Fill skills gaps and address business challenges by taking advantage of unlimited access to Red Hat’s comprehensive curriculum. Click here to start a 14-day free trial Now!