Red Hat Exam Scheme for the Year 2023
Red Hat Exams are now offered as Remote Exams which you can take in the comfort of your home or office and at individual testing centre (Individual Testing at our Office – LLC).

You can schedule your exam online for taking the exam at our centre.

Further, we have exciting offers for training bundled with the Red Hat Exams. Please fill our the following to hear on this from us.

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    Red Hat Exam Offer Highlights for CY23:

    • The first exam fee for any Red Hat exam to be taken by a candidate will be Rs.16,500.
      If the candidate fails to clear the exam in the first attempt, the second attempt (retake) is free.
    • Free retake has to be taken within 90 days of the first attempt, or before 31 Dec 2023, whichever date is earlier, else the free-attempt will be void.
    • Courseware/Book Forms have to be compulsorily produced to attempt any Red Hat exam as per Red Hat India Policy. The Red Hat participation certificate needs to be produced compulsorily if the candidate has attended VT training.
      The candidates who have attended training through RHLS, VC / ROLE / SP can forward the subscription activation email as proof of attendance of training.

    Upgrade fee for RHCE RHEL9:

    If a candidate wants to upgrade his/her RHCE to RHEL9 status –
    The candidates need to take only the EX294 exam if the RHCSA Certification on previous version is current
    The candidates need to take both EX200 & EX294 exams if the RHCSA Certification on previous version is non-current

    Preliminary Exams (PE):

    Preliminary exams are available for RH124 – PE124 and CL110 – PE110
    Single attempt PE Exam Fee is Rs.6,600/-;

    GST is charged extra over the above fee, as applicable on the date of the exam.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Documentation to be provided by the candidate for attempting Red Hat Exam – Discount Voucher Book Forms OR Red Hat issued Course Completion Certificate.
    • To avail of any discount on the first attempt or reattempt exam fee, the candidates must provide their Certification ID and RHN ID minimum 7 days prior to the date of the exam.
    • On the day of the exam it is mandatory for the candidate to provide Government-issued ID cards such as Driving License, Passport, Voter ID card, etc., in original.
    • Candidates already certified & who are upgrading, need to provide only the printed copy of Certificate instead of the corresponding book forms.
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