LLC030: Linux Shell Essentials

The LLC030 course gives the fundamental knowledge on the Linux operating system which is an ideal development platform. This course teaches the basic Linux commands for beginners. Commands are the user input tasks in the Terminal of a Linux OS. Command line is the most flexible and powerful way to perform tasks and is the obvious choice for remote login and troubleshooting purposes. This course serves as essentials for learning any further courses based on Linux platform. The training will be fully hands-on classroom session. We also provide Instructor-led online training.

The participants must have user-level experience with any computer system including use of mouse, menus and use of any graphical user interface.

Target Audience
This course of Linux commands for beginners is for IT professionals who want to build user-level skills before learning LLC103: Linux System and Network Administration or programming like Python Programming or Shell scripting.

Duration: 2 days full time

Training Fee: Please call or email for best offer

Course Outline

Module:1 Linux Overview
– Introduction to Linux OS
– Various distributions of Linux OS
– Architecture and Features
– Basic Commands

Module 2: File Systems and Managing Files
– File systems hierarchy
– Managing files and directories
– File and Directory Operations
– Discussion of absolute and relative path

Module 3: Editors
– vim editor
– nano editor
– gedit editor

Module 4: User & Groups Administration
– Creating and managing users
– User settings
– Creating and managing groups
– Managing groups

Module 5: File Permissions
– Ownership & Permissions

Module 6: Package Manager
– yum & apt

Module 7: Controlling Services & Scheduling Jobs
– Services and daemons

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