Referral Program

At Linux Learning Centre we strongly believe that the participants whom we train are the best ambassadors of our brand. Over the years, our growth is mainly attributed to and is a result of the feedback our participants and  the word-of-mouth reference that they have carried.

At this juncture we thought we should create a WIN-WIN situation for all of us. You, the Referrer needs to benefit by a Referral Bonus, the Referee should benefit by a competent price and an extra discount.

  • Referral Coupons are given to our Alumni and existing students.
  • The Referral Coupons are to be filled by the Referrer with name and contact details before handing over to the Referee.
  • The Referee approaches our centre for enquiry and enrollment. The Referee is offered the best price and a Special Discount of 5% over and above this as he/she comes through a reference. 
  • The Referrer gets a Referral Bonus of 5% of the enrollment value paid by the Referee (Value before GST).
  • In case the Referrer wants to enroll for a course him/herself instead of collecting the Referral Bonus, he/she is offered an amount twice the value of the Referral Bonus as an additional discount upon our best prices to the Referrer.
  • A Referrer can refer any number of participants by collecting additional Referral Coupons from us.
  • The Referral Bonus and Referee Discounts are applicable for Training Fee only. The Program is not applicable for Red Hat Exam Fee.
  • The above terms may be amended from time-to-time to bring in more benefits and value to this program.