Linux Administration Courses in Bangalore

Linux is extensively used as a platform for hosting database, email, web application and security services. Apart from being used as a server Linux figures prominently as a development platform for C, C++, Java, embedded and web applications. Under the tree of Linux Administration Courses in Bangalore, LLC offers the following categories of skills. These courses are the flagship courses from LLC being offered now for 20 years. These courses are ideal for organizations to build basic to mid level skills in their team and also as part of induction program for new-joiners.

Linux Administration

  • LLC030: Linux Shell Essentials
  • LLC033: Linux for Programmers & Administrators
  • LLC103: Linux System, Network & Security Administration
  • LLC108: Bash Shell Scripting

The LLC033 is an essential course for programmers, systems administrators and DevOps. This course gives the fundamental knowledge on the Linux operating system which is an ideal development platform. It teaches the basic concepts of Linux OS, command-line operations, file system, processes, networking, database and the components of the Linux operating system. This course teaches the basic Linux commands for beginners and serves as essentials for learning any further courses based on Linux platform.

LLC103 is a Linux System, Network & Security Administration course for professionals who want to learn and understand the administration skills on CentOS and Ubuntu Linux platforms. This course is for someone who will want to learn advanced levels of Linux Administration like to configure & maintain all the services on a Linux Platform .
The training will be fully hands-on and task-based classroom session. We also provide Instructor-led online training.

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